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Dining First Bites

There I was the other day circumnavigating Jl Laksmana looking for the simplest of staple lunchtime fare – the humble sandwich, and could it be found. Not a chance, not even on Bali's infamous 'eat street'.
'...comfort food served simply, yet stylishly.'
It set me off thinking that there is certainly a market gap for a deli style sandwich bar down this end of town and lo and behold, just as I was about to clean out my savings account back home and start buttering the doorstops a brand new deli opens doing just that.
Originally the idea behind grocer & grind was that of a one-stop deli selling salads, antipastos, meats and of course, sandwiches at sensible prices – something that can still be considered a foreign concept in this particular area of Seminyak where wallets seem to empty themselves at an alarming rate three times a day. However, when the option of extending the deli into an adjoining restaurant next door the allure proved to be just too tempting for owner Marie.
The supper club offers a small selection of well-prepared tenderloins and fillets, open sandwiches, fish, risottos, soups, salads and pastas whilst the lunch options are predictably a salad and sandwich affair with a large antipasti selection of imported goodies. The breakfast menu with its 'morning after' bloody marys, Moroccan eggs with spicy lamb sausage and the 'red carpet breakfast' (explore this option yourself) make grocer & grind an attractive mid-range stop in for a lazy recovery session in villasville.
Open for breakfasts, lunches and dinner from 8am to 8pm seven days a week with their 'supper club' evening menu.
Catering and gourmet hamper packages can also be arranged, prices on request and the best thing about the whole setup (apart from the funky black and red super stylish décor and well thought out table arrangements) is the fact that you can actually park opposite the restaurant – nigh on a miracle in 21st century Seminyak. As the menu reads, 'comfort food served simply, yet stylishly.'
Jl Kayu Jati, Petitenget
T: 730 418

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