Dimsum 24hours

It had been a fun night out indeed, you've been up and about the town's hippest bars and clubs with some friends and had managed to strike a few charming poses with the other socialites. Then, out of the blue, reality comes slapping you in the face. You're hungry, you need a place to chill out, and suddenly, there are urgent e-mails you have to check! Where can you head?
Relax, O city wanderer, all you have to do is head down to the heart of the city, the Thamrin road. Go to the podium level of the Sarinah building, and you'll find an eatery which opens 24 hours, 7 days a week. Named Dim Sum 24, this spot certainly qualifies as a great meeting place and haven for post-party people. Almost everybody knows Sarinah Thamrin and the catchy signage is easy to spot.
The Dim Sum 24 evokes a casual and dynamic atmosphere. Taking on a minimalist approach, small dining tables are lined up one side of the room next to large windows giving you a delightful view of the city. Spacious and rather sparsely lit, Dim Sum 24 conveys a very urban image indeed. Watch any metropolis-themed movie and you'll get the picture.
Another bonus is the Internet and game café at the same location. No need to fret over your work or your cyber-social life here. If you have your notebook with you, just plug in to the internet connection cable or request for the Wi-Fi activation to work and chill out at the same time.
The food is affordable and tempting. After all, who is able to resist the pleasure of munching on a dim sum every now and then while chatting or mellowing out? The chili sauce which accompanies the dim sum, also gives a good kick to perk you up – a good cure for those who have had a little too much to drink at the club. As usual, the favorite and must-have items are the Ha Kau and Shiau Mai . There are also other attractive dishes like the Sarang Tawon Daging Ayam or the Bola Kumis Naga , which features crispy, curly noodles on the outer layer of the dumpling; and other Popular Chinese dishes such as stir-fries and fried rice. All menu items are halal .
The Dim Sum 24 is the perfect place to unwind and relax after an exciting nightlife experience at the Jakarta clubs. Good food at economic prices at a great location, all in one, and the Wi-Fi connection to help you catch up on what you missed during the last 6 hours. Who is able to resist then?

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