Nasi Bakar

Grilled Rice ( Nasi Bakar )

I have never tried grilled rice before, so when I first saw this restaurant at Plasa Semanggi Food court, I thought I had to give it a try. And it tasted good :) But too bad that time I didn't know I should've said to them not to give me too much chilli, and it ended up it was too HOT!! Needed lots of water :D The second time was better, I tried the one at the ITC Permata Hijau Food court, the other branch they have, I knew it better about the chilli thing, and I liked it! :)

The food is typical Indonesian food, some of the menus are Sundanese food (West Java), a typical homie Indonesian food that we have everyday. Their specialty, the grilled rice is rice wrapped inside the banana leaf with chicken/eggs/shrimp/beef - your choice, then being grilled. They serve it with mushroom and some vegetables.

Their branches are mostly at the foodcourt at the malls, I went to the ones in Plasa Semanggi and ITC Permata Hijau, both are small places at the food courts.

The price is ok, for one set menu is about IDR 16,000 to IDR 25,000 (less than USD 2.5) per person, it's not bad :)

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